“There are different opinions about the advantages and disadvantages of powder and/or extract.
mushroom powder:
All active ingredients and fibre remain unchanged.
The prerequisite is that drying is carried out gently at temperatures below 50° C.
Due to the dietary fibres it contains, mushroom powder is particularly suitable for detoxification.
mushroom extract:
For the production of extracts (powder in a concentrated form) a kind of concentrated tea or brew is produced with hot water. The substances dissolved in it are retained by subsequent freeze-drying. The concentration of polysaccharides is increased by repeated dehydration. No chemical substances are added. The mushroom extract obtained in HANDO® is 100% Reishi mushroom.
The effects of the extract is faster and stronger. The valuable active ingredients (e.g. Triterpenes and Polysaccharides) are concentrated more strongly. With HANDO® Reishi they are concentrated 6 times. The extraction process removes the active ingredients from the cell matrix and makes some of them more readily available to the body.
Extracts can be dosed less than powder. This explains the partly higher price of HANDO® Reishi extract.
Most clinical studies have been conducted on extracts and the benefits have been demonstrated.”