Maca helps against menstruation/menopause symptoms

From menstrual disorders to menopausal problems – Maca helps! Peruvian ginseng can be used for numerous typical female complaints.

Maca was already appreciated in the time before the Incas for its vitalizing properties. The valuable active ingredients of Peruvian ginseng make Maca a natural remedy that relieves many women’s biological symptoms:

  • Brittle fingernails or hair loss

  • Sudden weight gain

  • Sexual apathy and problems with libido

  • Menopausal symptoms, such as mood swings, hot flushes, sweating and insomnia

  • Vaginal dryness

  • Incontinence when sneezing or laughing

  • Irregular mmenstual cycles

  • Irascibility

  • Painful or tender breasts

  • Oestrogen deficiency

The composition of carbohydrates, proteins, minerals and trace elements makes Maca an exceptional source of energy with scientifically proven effects. For example, the amino acid lysine helps against female fertility problems and menopausal symptoms. Zinc has a positive effect on the reproductive organs.


“In our research on Maca, we have discovered two hormone-like substances that we believe are directly responsible for strengthening sexual energy. We called them Macamides and Macaenes,” explains botanist Qun Yi Zheng from the US company Pure World Botanicals Inc.

Maca – an alternative means to improve hormonal balance

This alternative means of regulating hormonal balance impresses by its natural effect.

  • Maca helps to rediscover sexual desire

  • Maca increases sexual activity

  • Maca reduces menopausal symptoms

  • Maca has a balancing effect on irregular menstrual cycles

  • Maca promotes blood circulation in the pelvic region


“Love, physical performance, vitality.” Maca helps against sexual apathy or lack of libido. HANDO® Maca is available as “Maca gelatinizada” in capsule form at our online shop.

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“The mushroom for long life” from the Middle Kingdom, has enjoyed a high status in Far Eastern culture for centuries for its positive effect on a healthy circulatory and immune system.

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The mythical cactus from the treasures of the Aztecs, is native to the dry regions of Mexico, is valued for its cleansing and anti-inflammatory effects and is used to normalize blood sugar and cholesterol.

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The power root from the Andes, was the sacred plant of the Incas. It has been giving energy and vitality to the indigenous Indians for centuries and is known in its homeland as a natural inviigorant and potency enhancer.

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Acerola Camu Camu

The natural vitamin C giving fruits from the Amazon, Acerola and Camu Camu, are doubly valuable in combination. The immune and nervous systems benefit from natural vitamin C, as well as skin, cartilage and bones.

Acerola Camu Camu