Beneficial uses of Maca

Maca impresses through its wide range of beneficial uses. Peruvian ginseng increases physical performance, improves concentration and regulates hormonal balance.

The long history of Maca: Peruvian ginseng was already valued in the pre-Inca era as an alternative means of increasing physical performance. Today, numerous scientific studies have confirmed the positive effects of the Maca tuber.

The beneficial uses of Maca are extensive:

  • Physical performance enhancement: Maca strengthens general biological defences and promotes sexual endurance, performance and fertility. It is therefore popularly known as “natural Viagra”.

  • Concentration: Peruvian ginseng reduces stress and prevents memory and concentration problems.

  • Hormonal balance: Maca reduces symptoms during menopause, such as mood swings, hot flushes or insomnia, and has a balancing effect on menstrual-cycle irregularities.


Maca has a positive effect on general well-being: Peruvian ginseng reduces anxiety and opressive feelings, as well as general fatigue, which manifests itself in a lack of drive or chronic fatigue. “Lepidium peruvianum chacon” has positive effects on diastolic arterial pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

“Love, physical performance, vitality.” Maca helps against sexual apathy or lack of libido. HANDO® Maca is available as “Maca gelatinizada” in capsule form at our online shop.

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“The mushroom for long life” from the Middle Kingdom, has enjoyed a high status in Far Eastern culture for centuries for its positive effect on a healthy circulatory and immune system.

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The mythical cactus from the treasures of the Aztecs, is native to the dry regions of Mexico, is valued for its cleansing and anti-inflammatory effects and is used to normalize blood sugar and cholesterol.

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The power root from the Andes, was the sacred plant of the Incas. It has been giving energy and vitality to the indigenous Indians for centuries and is known in its homeland as a natural inviigorant and potency enhancer.

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Acerola Camu Camu

The natural vitamin C giving fruits from the Amazon, Acerola and Camu Camu, are doubly valuable in combination. The immune and nervous systems benefit from natural vitamin C, as well as skin, cartilage and bones.

Acerola Camu Camu