Maca: Natural Viagra for men

The Maca tuber from the highlands of Peru is a natural aphrodisiac. The valuable active ingredients of the plant alleviate many male complaints – from potency problems to hair loss.

The vitalizing properties and high-quality active ingredients of Maca have been known for centuries: The Incas appreciated the Maca tuber for its positive effect on libido and potency. Today, Peruvian ginseng is considered a natural means of improving physical performance, which relieves many male complaints:

  • Hair loss

  • Forgetfulness

  • Erection disorders (erectile dysfunction)

  • Lack of sexual desire

  • Potency problems


The strict HANDO® quality standards during production, guarantee a high concentration of the valuable active ingredients of this natural Viagra.

Maca tuber is known as natural Viagra

Proteins, minerals and trace elements: The active ingredients of Maca fulfil their natural impact against many male complaints: The carbohydrates contained in the Maca tuber are mainly comprised of the amino acids, arginine and lysine.

These regulate fertility in men and help to increase the desire for sex if there is a lack of libido. In men, the gametes (reproductive cells) consist mainly of arginine, this deposit is filled-up by Maca. Maca also contains the fructose that supplies the spermatocides with energy.

Maca: strengthening and energy-increasing effect

  • Maca increases sexual stamina, performance and fertility

  • Maca increases libido by 180 percent on average

  • Maca increases libido by 180 percent on average

Scientific studies prove that Maca is a helpful remedy against potency problems. In Incan medicine, it was then even considered a natural aphrodisiac that increased sexual energy.

“Love, physical performance, vitality.” Maca helps against sexual apathy or lack of libido. HANDO® Maca is available as “Maca gelatinizada” in capsule form at our online shop.

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