Maca: History and use of the cultivated plant from Peru

The Maca tuber has a long history. Even cultures before the time of the Incas cultivated this plant. Fresh or dried, even back then the Maca root was considered a natural aphrodisiac.

Lepidium peruvianum Chacon was already considered a natural, energizing food in the time before the Incas. The population appreciated Maca as a natural remedy for many ailments. In addition, thanks to its valuable active ingredients, the cultivated plant made an important contribution to an otherwise meagre diet. The Maca bulb was cultivated in the Peruvian highlands and used either fresh or dried.

Maca was already appreciated as a natural Viagra in the time before the Incas

The natural impact of the Maca root was not hidden from Spanish chroniclers either. Early on, they reported astonishing properties: The Maca tuber promotes vitality, physical performance and fertility. The physical effects and aphrodisiac powers were initially observed in pets. Later the effects were confirmed by the Spanish chroniclers themselves.

Peruvian ginseng as an alternative means of increasing physical performance

After Maca was rediscovered in the American media as Peruvian ginseng and remedy against sexual apathy and potency problems, demand also increased: While in 1979 only 25 hectares were planted with Maca throughout Peru. Today, more than 1,000 hectares of the alternative remedy to improve physical performance, are being cultivated.

Maca Hando

Maca – (c) Photo: HANDO®


Maca – (c) Photo: HANDO®


Maca – (c) Photo: HANDO®

Maca is offered for export from Peru as a powder or extract, in tablet or capsule form. It is used as a sexual enhancer, tonic or dietary supplement to increase physical performance.

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