Nopal against too high cholesterol

Cholesterol is a vital substance, but excessive cholesterol levels are dangerous. Nopal not only regulates blood sugar, it also has a beneficial effect on cholesterol levels.

Cholesterol is important for the body: it is needed to build cell walls and is also a building block for some hormones. Cholesterol can have a harmful effect in addition to its useful properties: Increased cholesterol levels can lead to calcification of the vessels (arteriosclerosis) and subsequently to heart attacks or strokes. However, cholesterol is not the same as cholesterol: In common parlance, “good” HDL cholesterol is distinguished from “bad” LDL cholesterol.

A balanced diet is important to naturally lower cholesterol levels. Thanks to its valuable active ingredients, Nopal is suitable for supporting a cholesterol-conscious diet:

  • The high proportion of pectin is particularly valuable in the fight against cholesterol.

  • The amino acids and fibres of the Nopal cactus prevent the conversion of excess blood sugar into fat, which has a positive effect on total triglyceride and “bad” LDL cholesterol levels.


Nopal – (c) Photo: HANDO®


Nopal – (c) Photo: HANDO®

Nopal should not be regarded as a cure for diabetes. “Opuntia streptacantha” is an extremely useful support to medical treatment and can significantly improve the quality-of-life of diabetics.

Best quality HANDO® Nopal

“Opuntia streptacantha” and “Opuntia ficus indica” have a long history: the highly civilized Aztecs appreciated the Nopal leaves for their high nutrient content. In holistic medicine, the Nopal cactus has been used as a remedy for years due to its wide range of beneficial effects – without any side effects. In Mexico, the fruits of the Nopal cactus make an important contribution to a cholesterol-conscious diet.

Nopal, the mythical cactus from the Aztec Empire, helps to regulate blood sugar and cholesterol in a natural way. Try HANDO® Nopal capsules now and convince yourself of the benefits and high quality!

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“The mushroom for long life” from the Middle Kingdom, has enjoyed a high status in Far Eastern culture for centuries for its positive effect on a healthy circulatory and immune system.

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The mythical cactus from the treasures of the Aztecs, is native to the dry regions of Mexico, is valued for its cleansing and anti-inflammatory effects and is used to normalize blood sugar and cholesterol.

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