Nopal: General information about the cactus with special characteristics

NOPAL – General Information

Nopal belongs to the family of cacti. The cactus, which is native to the dry regions of Mexico, helps to normalize blood sugar, is effective against free radicals and is anti-inflammatory.

Nopal – also known in botany as “Opuntia Streptacantha” or “Opuntia Ficus Indica” – belongs to the family of cacti. The prickly, compact plant of tree-like structure, can reach a height of two to five metres. The fruits – round, dark red or yellowish berries – are also called Tunas. Nopal originates in the dry and semi-arid regions of central and northern Mexico. The Nopal cactus can grow at altitudes of 1,800 to 2,700 metres. Special feature: both leaves and stalks are covered with spines.

Nopal contains many valuable active ingredients: the pulp consists of glucose and fructose as well as proteins. The fibres contain pectin, while the outer layer and seeds are rich in cellulose. The calcium and potassium content and the high proportion of amino acids in Nopal are also notable.

Nopal cactus for blood sugar reduction

The use possibilities of Nopal are very extensive. Nopal is used by the Indian population as a blood sugar-lowering dietary supplement against diabetes. In Mexico, the population eats Nopal as a vegetable. The fruits are part of a conscious, cholesterol-reducing diet. The fruits of the Nopal cactus can also be processed into jams and juices.

The Nopal cactus alleviates many ailments: it helps regulate blood sugar, lowers cholesterol and triglycerides and acts against free radicals.


Nopal (Opuntia streptacantha)


Nopal (Opuntia streptacantha)


Nopal (Opuntia streptacantha)

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